Metanoia Institute in Finland is an integrated research and operational entity which offers client organisations, groups and individuals a diverse variety of tools and services aimed at developing the understanding of organisational dynamics and the dynamics of change.

The Institute represents psychodynamic and systemic organisational research on the Advanced Organisational Consultation level and it has the backing of an extensive international cooperating network.

The practitioners in the Metanoia Institute  consider that their social task is to engender a dialogue between the development philosophy and the practice prevailing inside the organisation and also between the organisation and its environment. Various professionals, programs and events cooperate closely in the practical and theoretical aspects of their work and jointly develop the theoretical and methodological basis for both organisational and personal development. The objectives of the organisations are focused on Organisational thinking, Consultancy Development and Organisational Dynamics.

The Institute operates specialist training on the basic and advanced levels for Consultancy Development and Group and Organisational Dynamics. Complementary to this training the Institute also actively arranges seminars and workshops, amongst which the following main areas stand out: Group Relations Conferences and Social Dreaming seminars.

In general the training and consultancy projects of the Institute are of long duration and the central operating principle is an explorative approach and a scientific understanding of the dynamics and underlying dynamics involved. The operating principle of the Institute is based on the selectively targeted and restricted marketing of professional services, which ensures that clients which are accepted are seriously seeking the means to create a permanent basis for their renewal.

The name of the Institute is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning the profound understanding of matters in a new light – a completely new shift of mind.