Bruce Irvine

The level of complexity in the emerging paradigm of the NOW is challenging leaders to embrace an increasing complexity of mind. Kegan and Lahey (2009)  suggest that we are in over our heads and are being called to a new understanding of what it is to lead, to follow and engage in purposeful activity.

This key note explores the nature of what is being called forth from the context and what are the ways that leaders can develop the capacity to sense the emergent trends and respond to them as adaptive challenges rather than technical things to be fixed.

Drawing on the Transforming Experience Framework developed by the Grubb Institute (UK) the address will explore the resources of our experience of connectedness to Source, Context, System and Person as we find, make and take roles to serve the purpose of our different organisational systems.

The address will conclude by opening areas for organisational exploration as assumptions are challenged, new resources revealed and potential unleashed.


Bruce Irvine (UK) MA, FRSA, Executive Director, The Grubb Institute; Faculty Member, MA in Organisational Analysis, The Grubb Institute and UEL; Graduate Faculty, The Leadership Institute, SOLES, University San Diego;  Member BPS; Member SVN.

Bruce Irvine is the Executive Director of the Grubb Institute UK. He is a Senior Organisational Analyst, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and recently elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Science.

Bruce works internationally as an executive coach, organisational analyst and consultant with senior leaders in organisations within the corporate, governmental and institutional settings.

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