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05mar09:0012:30VUCA Canvas Training 5.11.2021


(Perjantai) 09:00 - 12:30

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How to prepare for surprises?

The VucaCanvas® framework training is designed to learn six essential capacities that researchers have identified as hallmarks of successfully systems: adaptive, sensitive, resilient, connective, diverse and cooperative. These capacities are vital for ‘future proofing’ organizations and places facing unpredictable circumstances.

The acronym ’VUCA’ – shorthand for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – captures the zeitgeist of the times with uncanny precision. What organizations need now, more than ever, is shaping the capacities to deal with such a fast changing and hyper-connected world. Now is the best time to ’VUCA-proof’ your organization or place.

Training focus on specific capacities that have been shown to enable individuals, organisations and places to thrive in VUCA environments such as being adaptive, sensitive to subtle changes, resilient, interconnected, diverse and cooperative.

A new framework

The VucaCanvas®, a framework has been distilled from years of research on the dynamics of biological and social systems, provide organizations with powerful self-assessment tools for calibrating these capacities.
Framework is a unique opportunity to learn to map systems strengths and weaknesses and shape the essential organizational capacities to prepare for a VUCA world. The VucaCanvas® framework is the groundwork for easy-to-use canvases, e-tools and (online) workshop designs.

The picture below shows the framework with six capacities. Each capacity is described in further detail in separate canvasses. The capacities are based on disciplines in science such as evolutionary biology and systems thinking.

Join an inspiring training program in which you will learn to work with the VucaCanvas®. A blend of a system-based framework, canvases, e-tools and an (online) workshop format.


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