Jouke Kruier

Organizations and aesthetics are closely related. Clients are attracted by the beauty or of the products, the elegance of the marketing or the sublimity of the of the endeavor. Fine arts are sponsored, art is found on walls, and sometimes artists are incorporated in project teams to foster innovation. Some claim that the dynamics of organizational life require aesthetics rather that rationality to deal with the complexity of cultural differences and understand and utilize the meaning of symbols and artifacts. In this sense aesthetics can be defined as: “sensory knowledge and felt meaning.”

In this presentation we will explore the potential of an aesthetic intervention to deepen the understanding the challenges of modern leadership. Working individually and collectively on a painting, will explore (1)  The use of simple rules, (2)  Practicing co-creation, (3) Non-linear dynamical change

Jouke Kruier is an internationally operating artist and organizational consultant who helps individuals, groups and organizations to seek the quiet within themselves, to create space for all that lives – “fearlessly and consciously”, as he says. The artistic processes he runs, repeatedly revaluates the importance of courage and playfulness in organizational life. For more on Jouke, please visit:

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